(music: Tenkula & Sentenced, words: Jarva)

I know of a heaven... and damn sure... I know of a Hell... if you could take a look into this fighter's mind... the things you'd see.

What would you think? How would you feel? If you could really know me...mmm...

Can you see this Hell I feel inside? A tragedy in a human mind. Aaaaaaargh! That's what I am!!!

So turn away, turn away and go. Turn away while you still can. Turn away. The way I'm gonna go is not the way you want to go!

This reign that I have built myself, over the years, will crumble down on me.

Life's double edged sword gives both pleasure and pain. And it's MY cross to be carried!!!

Can you see this chaos-ridden mind? This tragedy, this tragedy of a human mind. Aaaaaaargh! That's how I am!!!

"It might seem to you that we are same. But that's just a part of the illusion of life.

There's no perfection in this world, and in the end we're but two strangers sailing our personal seas of sorrow..."

I've been to heaven! (and let me tell you:) I have been "down there"

So turn away, turn away and go. Turn away while you still can. Turn away. The way I'm gonna go is not the way you want to go!

Turn away, Turn away... This is the way I wanna go

(music: Jarva & Sentenced, words: Jarva)

Obsession... burning me, carving me from inside my head. I am suffering frustrations of the deepest kind.

I am getting weaker but my lust keeps growing. I am out to get you. Obsession. Obsession.

Obsession! Inside my burning heart. Obsession! Till the end of time.

Obsession... you are feeding it, with every step, every breath you take. I've been watching you.

I've been following your every move. You cannot see me, but I can see you. I've been folloving.

I've been here since the dawn of time! Obsession! Inside my burning mind. Obsession! Till the end of time

...the end is near now... I'll be close enough... and you will fall victim... to the strongest love... our death will be... a beautiful one...

you know you belong to me... forever...

Obsession! Inside my burning heart. Obsession! In the end you're mine...

Obsession... the end is here now... I am close enough... 2gether 4ever

(music: Tenkula & Sentenced, words: Jarva)

Sweet dreams... in deep sleep... widen the landscape of mind! Dreaming... and seeing... more than a lifetime could give!

And I keep dreamming... Oh, I keep breathing... The Night! What treasures it may hide... The Night!

What paths it may guide to... The Night!

Time after time... Take me, unfold me ! Hands on the Night... feeling inside.... I've lost one life !

Child of the Night... Don't wake me up !

And you keep dreaming... Oh, are you feeling the Night ? Dreams, do they come true... Tonight ! Dreams of the dead...

Night after night... Returning to the light ! Hands of time stop ! Filling my mind... with your starry eyes ! Child of the Night.

Time after time... tired. Hands of the Night... Take me away, feeling inside... so tired.

Child of the Night... we'll sleep.... Forever. Hands of time stop...


(music: Lopakka & Sentenced, lyrics: Lopakka)

When the bow breaks the cradle will fall. I am in shape for the game, but for life ? ... no more. I have come here to end my life and I will do it with this rusty knife. It will all be over soon and I'll be through... to find my way to you

Loving Death... like she was at the End. Love and Death... can unite their souls again. Loving Death... he'll make it through it all. Love and Death... go hand in hand once more.

Is life too precious ? He knows it ain't. Well, it never could have gone any other way... nicely, slowly, enjoying the pain... and the soul will finish its jail. The wind will cry my name as the dark now cries her's. By then I've silenced. No final words said to this world.

Loving Death... like they were back then. Love and Death... have united through his end. Loving Death... as blood flows on the shore. Love and Death... go hand in hand once more.

Love and Death forever more.